Little Known Facts About Innovative Termite & Pest Control Adelaide.

Pest Consultants Adelaide Fundamentals Explained

Brenda McCallum who constantly keeps me fail updated on when Exopest services are expected, Brendas customer service in knowledge, understanding and communication is outstanding Exopest should be so proud having Brenda working...

The Innovative Pest Control Adelaide PDFsPest Consultants Adelaide Can Be Fun For Everyone
I wish to say that I was very impressed in my dealings with Richard Corbett of Exopest. He's provided an excellent support in the first time we contacted the company and follow-ups. He was polite conscientious and cared to ensure the best service possible. I'd...

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I've been using the service from Exopest. I called into your workplace last week, looking for some guidance and answers to my questions about our rat problem. Everyone was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Arrangements were made for a team...

Innovative Pest Control Adelaide Things To Know Before You Get This

In our situation a wasp nest has been destroyed. Also we've previously purchased an under-floor fan powered by a solar panel that works very well.

Ease of booking. Pest control personnel arrive in given time and are efficient and helpful with any questions. Exopest pricing is affordable.

Quick response, great communication during the treatment period, telling you what to do before their trip, how the chemical functions and after treatment what to expect and also to observe for...I had one treatment in the beginning and also a follow-up treatment the...

Some Known Incorrect Statements About Pest Consultants Adelaide

An extremely thorough inspection with good explanations. Ongoing maintenance and reminders. Polite and conscientious tradesmen who require good care and pride in their work. A pleasure to deal with.

Keep the guarantee of arriving on time when they said they'd and being honest in their findings, instead trying to market a service That Is not needed

Matt is amazing - very professional and does a pretty great job. I loved picking up the dead cockroaches around the home like little gifts or momentous of your visit.

Not known Details About Pest Consultants Adelaide

Provided a prompt service, clear expectations and when here they have been professional and thorough with their expectation and provided practical solutions and clear information.

We have used Exopest for over15 decades. The inspectors (particularly Peyman) are proficient, do a comprehensive check of the premises and are a pleasure to use.

Excellent, knowledgeable, professional, punctual and quick service from both head office and David who reached the house. Can't recommend it more highly. I'd questions afterward to that David very immediately responded.

What Does Innovative Termite & Pest Control Adelaide Mean?

Matt was super-efficient, explained everything he was doing and exactly what products he was using, and may not have been much more helpful and courteous.

I only wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent service from Exopest. On my initial call for a quotation, staff were friendly and provided thorough advice and a very clear explanation on what to expect next. Service was also really quick with a technician coming from the visit this web-site next day...

Our difficulty with roof rats was solved after the first trip. I would not hesitate to recommend Exopest. Friends and family who've used Exopest have had an identical experience.

I have used Exopest for any number of problems and every time the service has been terrific. I had a problem with rats coming into the subfloor and roof but since having baited rat raps they have disappeared. The fact they're safe for my dog and wildlife is...

Not known Details About Innovative Termite & Pest Control Adelaide

Inspection is comprehensive and the report to explain. Any recommendations are on the report with photos. Annual maintenance to the house can be organised. I've been using EXOPEST for 16 decades and instantly called them when I bought...

The guy arrived on time because he rang me when he had finished to allow me to know when I could return to the house. In addition, he advised me exactly what to do when I got home and to live in...

Some Known Incorrect Statements About Pest Consultants Adelaide The Only Guide to Innovative Termite & Pest Control Adelaide
We had termites discovered in out apartment block. Exopest were prompt in coming out to perform the initial investigation and then installing the traps. Subsequent inspection of these traps was always on time and efficient. The technicians know their job.

Reliable, friendly, genuine & honest. It's great that David remembers the home from last time so comments and guidance builds on from that. Quick and efficient booking process.

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The 5-Minute Rule for Innovative Pest Control Adelaide

FromThe start your team informed us about everything that was going to happen and why, and they have been very comprehensive throughout.

That Id've been with the company for a while with my two possessions and have had no issues or problems; always excellent communication, dependable, dependable, fantastic customer support, the company is well organised and managed, staff always answer and...

10 out of 10. Great customer support and comprehensive technicians. Price was fair and after-service phone call proved to be a great follow-on.

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